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 The vampires in Italy!!
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Απεστάλη: 22/06/2011, 13:06:06  Εμφάνιση Προφίλ  Επισκεφθείτε την Προσωπική Σελίδα του Μέλους sakisgalan
Italian researchers have discovered the remains of Venice female vampire who was buried with a brick in her mouth not to attack the victims of plague swept the city in the 16th century. M. Borini anthropologist from the University of Florence, said the discovery was the small island Lazaretto Nouovo enhances the medieval idea that vampires were behind the epidemics like the Black Death (plague), which appeared in Europe at the time, causing hundreds of thousands dead.
The skeleton was found in a mass grave of plague victims in 1576 on this island where they sent those who had the disease.
At that time many believed that the spread of epidemics in Europe are vampires, because they could not fully understand the decomposition of corpses, says anthropologist.
The gravediggers found carcasses on which continued growth of hair, blood flowed from his mouth, and the shroud which was wrapped the corpse had decomposed in the mouth from bacteria that existed in the oral cavity, revealing the teeth, so consider themselves to be alive - dead.
"To exterminate the vampire be put in his mouth which is not eaten. There may be other corpses brick between his teeth, but this is the first discovered," concludes Borini.


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 Νέο Θέμα  Topic Locked
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